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Package slow! How to fix that ?

If you encounter performance issues with the package, and you notice it's running slowly, you can enhance it by selectively importing only the emojis you need. Follow these steps:

Instead of the generic import:

import ReactEmojis from "@/souhaildev/reactemojis";
<ReactEmoji emoji="🔥" />

Opt for a specific emoji import:

import FireEmoji from "@/souhaildev/reactemojis/components/fire";
<FireEmoji />

Please refer to the Emoji List page here for the complete list of emojis and their corresponding names.


To recap, import only the required emoji by following these steps:

1 - Identify the name of the desired emoji from the Emoji List.
2 - Import the emoji component using the format:

import Emoji from "@/souhaildev/reactemojis/components/name-of-emoji-here";

This approach allows you to optimize the package's performance by loading only the necessary components.